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National Song

Click here to listen to We Are The Survivors; in MP3 Format.

Since its inception, We Are The Survivors© has reached and touched so many people around the country. The song was adopted as the National theme song for Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc®. and has been shared with many other support organizations as well.

Richard Wright & Kim Tewksbury-Leccese, were the original creators of the song. In 2006, a project began to update the song….to make the music, instruments and vocals more current for the millennium. Keith Novesl, David Tewksbury & Kim Leccese have done just that. Kim & David debuted the song at the Phoenix conference in 2006 and this year, the CD's are ready and available for you! We sure hope you enjoy the new arrangement!

We Are The Survivors

There are those of us whose mothers have been taken from our arms,

There are those of us with children we could not keep safe from harm.

There are those of us who've lived to see our fathers lose their lives,

and in our dreams we'll keep them all alive,

cause each and every one of us survives.


We are the survivors, left behind to carry on.

We are the survivors, joined together we are strong.

We will speak out for our loved ones who were not given a choice.

We are the survivors, hear our voice.

May be some of us have brothers who were here, but now they're gone,

You can ask about our sisters, because their memory is strong.

We are sons and we are daughters, we are husbands, we are wives,

and friends who try to keep their dreams alive,

And each and every one of us survives.

Repeat Chorus:

With a part of us that never heals, and a fear of the unknown,

There's a strength in knowing through it all, you're not alone.

We are the survivors, hear our voice.

***The project team would like to acknowledge Mike Jimenez of CCPOA for his constant encouragement and unselfish support!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!***

If you would like to order a copy of We Are The Survivors, please call us toll free at (888) 818-POMC.