Justin Hocker
24 Years Old

September 10, 1981 to June 25, 2006

Justin Hocker, at the young life age of 24, when he was taken away from his children and his loving family, very brutally, and harshly, on 6/25/06. Even though the evidence and science proved beyond a doubt that Justin Hocker was intentionally murdered, this murderer, went for a self-defense plea, had a seasoned defense lawyer, and WALKED!

Oh Justin, where do we start? The joy, happiness, and love you brought to so many with no expectations of anything in return. These are only a few of the assets, which made you into the wonderful, caring and loving man you were.

We will all miss you every part of every second of every day. As we continue to go through our lives, we will see you in your boys, and know how you had already instilled your wonderful love and values into their hearts to carry on your legacy.

I will no longer be afraid to leave this world when God calls me, for I will be coming home to be with my dear, loving son.


Please go to justinhocker.com to view his webpage.

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Justin Hocker