Unsolved Case #75
Reference Number 05-02

Michael Berrios
Murdered: December 12, 2004
Age: 22

Michael Berrios

Reward : $20,000
(paid by code)

Michael Berrios, was murdered on December 12, 2004. He was a student at Bergen Community College. He was to graduate In May 2005. Michael was also a personal trainer at The New York Sports club in Westwood, New Jersey. Michael went to a friends house for a Christmas party on December 11, 2004. It was a group of friends that were to exchange gifts for a Chris Cringle. When that was over they all decided to go to a place called Play in Elmhurst, Queens. Michael had a cold and the temperature went down a bit. He only had a thin sweater on and he was cold. His girlfriend wanted him to wear her jacket and he refused to. They began to argue and did not go into the place called Play. They argued for about two blocks. At that point his girlfriend ran into the train station and Michael called her brother in law to come and calm her down. The brother in law came to Michael with another friend. When the two of them came they saw Michael grab a Santa Claus hat from two guys he was talking to. Michael was taking his hat back from the guys who took it from him. Those two guys walked away very casually. The brother in law went into the train station and the friend went to get the car. Michael stayed alone waiting for his girlfriend. According to the girlfriend and her brother in law when they came out of the train station Michael was not there. They walked for about half a block and saw Michael running. Behind him were five or more Mexican or South American men with bats and knives chasing him. They chased him for about two blocks and stabbed him to death. Michael was stabbed in his neck, hand and the lethal injury was in his kidney to liver to his spleen. Michael died at Elmhurst hospital on December 12, 2004 at 12:50 am.

If you have any information regarding this unsolved crime, you can call the Detectives at the 110 Precinct (718)476-9317. You can also contact the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. at 1-888-818-7662 or by email at natlpomc@pomc.org. Be sure to include the reference number in any and all correspondence.

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